July 22, 2019

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About Us

The And Justice For All international law firm publishing network brings you HongKongLawFirms.org. We have created this legal resource with the goal of benefiting individuals and businesses seeking information about Law Firms in Hong Kong. This website also serves as a publishing platform for attorneys who wish to reach and serve the public by publishing informative legal articles that are relevant to individuals living in and businesses doing business in Hong Kong.

Each firm list on this website of law firms in Hong Kong is allowed to post a profile describing the experience and background, strengths and expertise, and areas of practice of the firm with the goal in mind of informing those who may wish to retain a Hong Kong law firm. Only up to five law firms will be listed per practice area.

This legal resource is part the And Justice For All global network of legal websites, created to give people access to legal information and connect them with attorneys and law firms all over the world. And Justice For All is an international law firm publishing network founded with the mission of giving back. To that end, 10% of our profits go to charities supporting humans, animals, and the environment.